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Haslam Printers produced over 400,000 meters of bunting in 2013. Bunting can be square, triangular or die-cut to a bespoke shape. Die-cutting bunting to bespoke shape looks great. Bunting varies in length, size and number of pennants per length. A stand length of bunting is 5 meters with 1/2 meter ties at each end. There is a pretty basic rule to apply, when determining how many pennants per length. Make the space between the pennants roughly the same size as the pennant. Example; 5 meter length of bunting with A4 portrait size pennants, pennant width 210mm, gap 210mm. 5000mm / 420mm = 11.9 pennants round up to 12 pennants per length. 5 meter length A5 portrait pennant. 5000mm / 296mm = 16.89 round down to 16 pennants per length.

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Pull up table talker

We were recently asked by a London creative agency to develop an interactive table talker for use in bars and pubs throughout the UK. We developed a 'Pull up table talker' and secured an order to produce 250,000! Take a look at the clip, they are great, so great in fact, we have received a further order for another brand

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